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In Our Time

Melvyn Bragg’s encyclopaedic BBC Radio 4 series with over 500 episodes covering Science, Culture, History, Philosophy and Religion. Each 45 minute show features 3 experts (authors, professors, etc) discussing the topic at hand in lively debate marshalled by Bragg. A real gift to humanity, a must for anyone interested in anything.


‘Riveting talks by remarkable people’ – so says TED, and who could disagree. The quality of speakers is undeniable, the scope of topics incredible. Started in 1984 to promote new ideas in Technology, Entertainment & Design, TED has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Nonprofit, free to all, and not to be missed.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is now offering courses online FOR FREE! Incredible opportunity to study at world-leading university – regardless of location, finance or previous qualification. Amazing altruistic e-learning project with online laboratories, course material, video, and interactive instruction. Enrol today!

Khan Academy

Not-for-profit providing free world-class education to anyone anywhere. Interactive maths exercises forming brilliantly structured learning curve; thousands of instructional videos on topics including science, history and economics. Smart, lucid, logical and concise, Salman Khan is the teacher you always wished you had – now you do.