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Jacob Bronowski “The Ascent of Man”

Jacob Bronowski “The Ascent of Man”

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Bronowski. Man.

Jacob’s Bronowski‘s award winning 13 part documentary was ground breaking when first aired in 1973 and remains unsurpassed. Showcasing the breadth of Bronowski’s knowledge, The Ascent of Man is both awe-inspiring and thoroughly engaging. The level of details is incredible, but not as incredible as the fact that the great man is able to impart his wisdom in such a readily accessible manner.

Bronowski describes each step of man’s journey, from the earliest hunter gatherers to the atom splitting scientists of today, with such beautiful language and depth of understanding that it’s hard to only watch one episode at a time. It is also impossible to do this majestic piece of work justice with any more hyperbolic preamble, so just scroll down, sit back and enjoy.

Episode 1
Lower Than Angels


Episode 2
The Harvest of the Seasons


Episode 3
The Grain in The Stone


Episode 4
The Hidden Structure


Episode 5
The Music of the Spheres


Episode 6
The Starry Messenger


Episode 7
The Majestic Clockwork


Episode 8
The Drive for Power


Episode 9
The Ladder of Creation


Episode 10
World Within World


Episode 11
Knowledge or Certainty


Episode 12
Generation upon Generation


Episode 13
The Long Childhood



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