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Lisa Randall (Big Think Interview)

Lisa Randall (Big Think Interview)

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Randall. Thinking Big.

Lisa Randall is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University and one of the most cited and respected scientists working today.

Her extraordinary and prolific career has seen her become the first tenured female theoretical physicist at three of the world’s greatest universities – Harvard, Princeton and MIT – as well as the bestselling author of Warped Passages and Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Among her many media accolades she has featured in Time Magazine’s ‘100 most influential people’ list, while Newsweek described her as “one of the most promising theoretical physicists of her generation.” In her spare time she can be found climbing rocks and writing opera.

In this illuminating 20 minute interview with Big Think she reports back from the cutting edge of science. Describing her work, Randall touches on the most interesting topics currently challenging the limits of our knowledge: The Big Bang; Inflation; Dark Matter; Dark Energy; Extra Dimensions; and the Ultimate Fate of the Universe.

Big Think Interview With Lisa Randall

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