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Discovering Deep Space

Discovering Deep Space

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Pillars of Creation
The Pillars of Creation.

Visually striking BBC documentary on the exciting advances in telescopes that are helping us to see our universe in ever more detail.

From the VLT in Chile’s Atacama desert, to NASA’s space based telescopes, these massive collaborative projects bring together scientists, across many different disciplines, to overcome the immense technical challenges inherent in enhancing our view of the cosmos.

It is down to the incredible ingenuity of these scientists, technicians and astronomers that we continue to peer deeper and deeper into space, helping us to address the most fundamental questions we have about our place in the universe.

Hubble Space Telescope

Lazers, enormous perfectly polished ceramic mirrors of barely believable prescision, spectral analysis of nonvisible light, atomic observatories analysing cosmic rays and massive improvements in computing power are just some of the tools now available to humanity, allowing us to see things we never dreamt possible.

Black holes and distant nebulae are a few of the tourist attractions¬† in this enjoyable and often breathtaking documentary. We have a lot to thank the Hubble Space Telescope for, having expanded our horizons with the Hubble Deep Field and filled us with awe and wonder with images such as the the ‘Pillars of Creation‘. It’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope hopes to see even further.

Resindencia, Atacama
Residencia, Chile.

The Stunning locations are not limited to space either, the Residencia is the accomodation of those living and working at the The European Southern Observatory on Cerro Paranal, a mountain highland on the Mars-like landscape of the Atacama Desert.

It featured prominently in the James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’.

Pioneer Science: Discovering Deep Space.

BBC Document Space Science Discovering Deep Space Science Documentary

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